This Is The Most Affordable Pathway to Immigrate to Canada Permanently!

I’m Victor Ola a.k.a VO

  • Nigeria-Born but Global citizen, Travel Abroad Consultant
  • Helped 287 people (Individual/Families) moved to Canada successfully (As Student/Permanent Resident/Foreign Worker) amongst those who doesn’t have a relation here or huge money in their bank account and thousands of people currently putting in their application
  • Shares quality travel information and update with over 510,000 readers across West, East, Central, South Africa and middle east weekly
  • Manages the Largest and growing Canadian Hopeful audience across Africa on Telegram in over 20’s of thousand
  • My Story has Appeared on different Mainstream News/Education Media blogs in my home country

So This Online Workshop Is Only FOR

  • Anyone finding it difficult raising the proof of funds/money required for you to come to Canada
  • Anyone who find it difficult to write and pass your IELTS exam
  • Anyone struggling to get the required CRS score for the express entry pool
  • Anyone whose age is 18 years and above. No age limits
  • You don’t want to go school every day with projects, presentation, assignments, exam
  • You couldn’t pay huge tuition fee because you aren’t able to get scholarship
  • You want to immigrate permanently and start working
  • Anyone with Zero or minimum of 1 year working experience
  • Your minimum educational qualification is secondary or post-secondary training i.e SSCE, National Diploma, Advance Diploma, Ordinary Diploma, NCE or its equivalent

Do You Really Think Its’ Time To Immigrate?


 First Wave – Japa has been happening on a massive scale since the 1970s following the end of the civil war and due to the ensuing military coups.

The Second notable “Japa” wave happened sometime in the 1980s when the Dollar to Naira rate increased from 1USD – 1NGN to 1USD – 4NGN. This was as a result of political unrest in the nation.

Third wave – Late1990s to early 2000s, the American lottery became very popular in Nigeria with people trying to fulfill their dream of living the American dream.

Fourth wave Lekki Shooting in 2020. Peaceful demonstrations against SARS brutality. A movement that rode on infectious patriotism spearheaded by the country’s youths had the same youths drowning in hopelessness afterwards.

Nothing is wrong with Japa because it will impact on human capital development and our contribution to global economy.

Indians has the world largest diaspora population. Truth is we don’t have enough Nigerians Japaing

1] There is something Abroad that is Above. Not just "work hard and pray for favor?"

Most prominent Nigerians/Africans today didn’t have all their education in Nigeria/Africa. Almost ALL of them had Formal/Informal education abroad.


Dangote or Otedola. Michael Adenuga, to all the Bank CEOs you admire; Tony Elumelu, Aig Imokhuede, Charles Soludo.


Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa etc. Tinubu schooled abroad; Peter Obi; Kayode Fayemi, Okonjo Iweala. Oby Ezekwesili


Abena Osei-Poku, Julian Opuni, CURTIS VANDERPUIJE,  Selorm Adadevoh

2] Consistent Mental Abuse by the environment. The System is Just Toxic

3] Do you need FREE Skincare Therapy?

Feedback From Users of This Masterclass:

If you find an Affordable way to Get Sponsored Job in Canada
and Immigrate in 2023
without wasting time groping in the dark,
would you follow it?

𝗛𝗢𝗪 you can Secure a Legitimate Sponsored 𝗝𝗢𝗕 𝗙𝗥𝗢𝗠 𝗡𝗜𝗚𝗘𝗥𝗜𝗔/Anywhere 𝗜𝗡 𝗖𝗔𝗡𝗔𝗗𝗔 without Submitting IELTS or Paying any big money to Agent/Agency till you Land in Canada in 2023 following The 3 Most-Abandoned Secret Applied my Students in Canada


And How you can follow the same Affordable pathway to Canada even in 2023

SECRET 1:You can secure Sponsored Jobs/ Work Permit to Canada from your Home Country Alone or With Your Whole Family

Sponsored Jobs are LMIA approved Jobs

LMIA:-Labour Market Impact Assessment? This an approval from the Canadian Government for a Canadian employer to bring in a foreign worker to fill in a job role or position. 

How LMIA works:

  1. Canadian employers apply to the Canadian government
  • Explain their business 
  • State that they’re unable to find employees locally 
  • They need to recruit foreign workers
  • Government investigates the employers that they aren’t scammers.
  • Government investigates their nature of work
  1. Government gives the Canadian Company Employer an LMIA Sponsoring License if the company deserves it.


Once your employer gets the LMIA, you can now apply for a work permit. This work permit covers you and your legal dependents (spouse, children or common law partner).

In a situation where you are coming in with your spouse or a common law partner, he or she will be getting an open work permit to work anywhere and anybody while your children are eligible for study permits for those who are Ages 4-5


 You necessarily don’t have to know anything about the LMIA process. This is something that will be handled by the employer.

LMIA: Fees & Processing Times

  1. The application fee for LMIA requests is now $1000 per worker. Canadian Employers Pay for it
  2. LMIA processing times can be somewhat longer than usual, the process can range from a couple of weeks, to 2-3 months. 

SECRET 2: You Can Relocate to Canada for FREE without passing IELTS

Can you do the job exceptionally? IELTS or No IELTS won’t matter

  • You don’t need huge proof of fund because you and your spouse have a Job
  • Some Employer are willing to pay for travel expenses – Flight, Accommodation. LMIA fee.
  • No degree, No experiences needed, No diploma, No Proof of Fund, No IELTS
IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. 
Untold secret: In recent times, The exam body has been dealing with anyone writing it for purpose of immigration
They score you low. They want to keep making money off you. Cost average of N78k or GHS 1,110.00 or GBP 150

If you find a way not to write any IELTS/TOEFL exam to fulfill your relocation goal, will you follow it?

Will you be interested?

I and my team have put together the step-by-step process to do it yourself over the next 90-180 days and start to pack your bags to come to Canada 

Do you mind me taking you through what’s inside the Canada Sponsored Job Masterclass?


Step-by-Step Process To Secure Sponsored Job in Canada?

  • Search for Sponsored Jobs by Verified Employers


  • Go through the interviews phase


  • Secure an employment offer.


  • Employers apply for LMIA if not done before


  • You apply for a work visa


  • Your Spouse also Apply for a Spouse open work visa, Study visa for your kids of Age 4/5 and above


  • Land in Canada with Work Permit and Apply for Permanent residence

Canada Sponsored Job Masterclass

The Step-by-Step Guide To Get Sponsored Job from anywhere and Work Permit in Canada without Spending Millions of Naira once you are 18 and above

What You Get in This Masterclass:

(No Experience, No IELTS, NO Education, No Age Limit, No Application Fee & No Proof of Funds)

1) Step-by- Step actionable videos on How to successfully apply online and get a job before landing in Canada i.e. How to go about the job sponsorship route from start to finish

2) How to prepare and ace your dream Job interview questions and move to the last stage of hiring

3) You’ll discover Important steps you must take immediately you get a job offer letter (You must act fast at this point)

4)    You’ll discover a list of top specialized job portals and legitimate links to apply to and get an offer whether you have an Academic, professional or Vocational skills qualification. You don’t just google and go ahead to apply on any website which maybe scam website.

5)    You’ll discover how to spot scams people or organization posing as sponsors in Canada and how to identify verified Canadian employers that genuinely need foreign employees.

6)    You’ll discover how to create or format your CV/Resume to a Canadian standard that stands you out. Your resume should be focused on your field and discard irrelevant details. (This is where 80% of people get it wrong and it will only lead to no response)

7)    You’ll also discover how to apply and get a suitable work permit after you’ve gotten a job offer (You can’t make mistake here if you do, you will get a guaranteed rejection or worse no response and it will screw any chances you have on relocating to Canada)

8)    You’ll see how to get an open-work permit for your spouse (if you have one). This allows her to legally work for any employer in Canada


9) You’ll discover how to successfully relocate with your immediate family for FREE (if you are married and have kids).

10)   You’ll also discover easy ways to easily become a Permanent Resident in Canada without any stress or hiccups and eventually becoming Citizen and enjoy every benefit even if you don’t have A DEGREE and NO work experience (You must have SSCE)

As if that’s not enough, You’ll be getting this SPECIAL ACTION TAKER BONUSES:

1] 12 Month Unlimited Updates about How to Relocate, Live and Prosper In Canada Worth $1,000 [800k]

2] Sample Cover Letter and CV Template Worth $250 [400k]

3] Important Items you can bring to Canada when coming Worth $250 [200k]

4] How to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile Worth $250 [200k]

5] How to Get Jobs That will Sponsor your entire Trip Worth $500 [400k]

6] How to Submit a visa application that can’t be refused.  Mistakes To Avoid when applying for a Visa Worth $250 [200k]

7] Mistakes that causes NO response on JOB applications. Reasons why 90% of people who apply for jobs never get a response, they don’t even get a rejection because they keep doing one of these things $250 [200k]

8] Over 20 legitimate Side hustles that can fetch you $1k-5k every month Worth $250 [200k]


Obviously, I am not going to charge you Total Value: $3, 000 even though it worth it

The Total Value For Canada Sponsored Job Masterclass + Bonuses:

$3, 000 or N2, 244, 000 or 35,475 GHS

NOW I am giving you whooping 99% discount which makes it $299, mad steal right

You can see it’s a Good Deal at $299 instead of paying unscrupulous agent $3,000-$5,000


As A Show of Kindness…

During a short period of time, I will offer this video training program + all the bonuses to you for a one-time fee of $85 or N44, 999 or 699 GHS


YES! You will pay only – N44, 999 or $85 or 699 GHS


I know it’s damn cheap (& Hey I’m not stupid for doing it, just to give everyone access). 

By doing that, you’ll be saving over N60,000 – while you pay only N44, 999



If YES, Click Here Let’s Get Started.

If NO, you can pay $299 for the report later and it’ll still be worth it. Or go ahead to cough out $3,000-$5,000 to your Agent

WE STRONGLY reserve the right to SHUT DOWN THIS OFFER – anytime – without any public notice.

We can wake up tomorrow, Remove All The Bonuses & revert the price to N99, 999 – without any public announcement. 

Get started now – don’t make procrastination rob you of your relocation goals in 2023…

Total Value Worth – N2, 244, 000

Normal Price – Only 99, 999


Today’s Special Price

N44, 999

CAUTION: We’ll Be Increasing The Price To N99, 999 or 2319 GHS or $299 – Without Any Announcement 

How safe is my card to make payment on your website

Our payment page is secured and built with Bank-Grade security features. We don’t store any customer credit card details as a result can’t be stolen

The training is hosted on KREATESELL and they deploy Paystack, Flutterwave, PayPal and Coinbase (payment processor) which are all security audit complaint. We use them to collect payments from customers in different currencies, including Dollars, Kenya shillings, Cedis and Naira.

How am I sure what you’re saying is true and will work for me?


Questions People Are Asking…

Question #1: Will It Work For Me?

It depends, if you’re not an Action Taker, it won’t work and no magical technique will work for you because you won’t do anything with it. If you’re willing to take action and follow the easy step by step training… 

This will work for you as long as you follow the instructions provided inside the masterclass.

Question #2: Is this a video training or just an ebook?

In order to make it accessible to others in different part of the world, we have carefully packaged everything you need in to… 

+ Video Training Program 

+ PDF Guides 

+ Online Support Group

+ Done For You Templates 

+ Extra Bonuses 

+ And So Much More… 

Which you can immediately or easily download to your phone or laptop or login with your username and password to access the dashboard

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